LMS - Light Management System

Light management is often associated with high-effort installations and complex electronic controls.

This is an erroneous assumption because modern light management systems are not only easy to operate but also maximise light comfort and minimise energy costs.

Both the spatial conditions as well as personal needs from the lighting are relevant. In the end though, various factors decide about individually suitable light management systems.

Dimming, daylight-dependent control, simple maintenance as well as switching according to occupancy or time provide a wide spectrum of saving possibilities.

Intelligent luminaries equipped with sensors not only simplify installation but are immediately ready to operate.

In addition, light management systems can be integrated into existing building controls. In larger building complexes they enable completely new options for lighting.

Light Management Systems for the future

A light management system from us is a beneficial choice,

whether you are the end user, the building owner, the installer, the facility manager or the consultant.

Our solutions are based on the best technology on the market and are easy to plan, install, commission and use.


Consultation Professional Audio-Video Integration Solutions
With over 25 years in Light Management System.

6M AV Designers can draw from a multitude of experiences. We will work with you to customize a fully integrated system­ to meet your needs now, and to give you flexibility for the future.

Your system is your investment, and we will help protect it. We will be there to extend or enhance it as your needs evolve. It will be a “living” system that grows with your needs. 


6M AV Designers provides project design, configuration, and management services to system designers and integrators working Together. A trusted authority in providing support and guidance during the system design and deployment phases, We will work with you to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in your Light Management System.


Supply of Professional Audio-Video Integration Solutions | 6M AV Designers

Light Management System Supply has been fulfilling on Time with Efficiency 

We are now fully integrated to supply everything needed for LMS.


6M AV Designers specialise in system installations ranging from classrooms, to complex boardrooms and stadiums. Our systems offer integrated control of your Lighting.

We understand the need for companies to design and integrate an effective presentation system within a boardroom, conference room, corporate headquarters, or training facility.

At your request, we can provide site surveys, product demonstrations and detailed quotations. 


Commissioning Professional Audio-Video Integration Solutions | 6M AV Designers

Our commissioning services include extensive testing, documentation, tuning, and adjustments, and a thorough report of systems conditions and setting upon completion—validating systems operations and performance for final acceptance.

While Light Management systems commissioning is typically the contractor’s responsibility, we provide an objective assessment as an additional service, outside of our standard scope of work and phases, to verify critical performance requirements are met.

Maintenance and Services

As a full service Light Management provider, 6M AV Designers are committed to providing tailored LMS maintenance services that ensure LMS systems are kept fully functional and running efficiently.

Once our engineers have installed your chosen Light Management System, we can offer you a number of LMS maintenance packages, expertly matched to your needs.

In addition to our maintenance services, we also provide LMS training for your appropriate members of staff. This bespoke Light Management system training ensures that key staff are fully knowledgeable about how to get the most out of the LMS installation