Audio-Video Integration Solutions

What is Audio Visual Integration? 

The process of integration involves creating the connections between these devices (usually through a series of switchers or matrix devices) and then programming software that connects the devices and enables that seamless switching.

Professional Audio-Video Integration Solutions | 6M AV Designers

Professional Audio-Video Integration Solutions

When thinking about the term, one has to look at the application of the technology within a particular business or organisation.

What are you attempting to accomplish within the room? It might be as simple as wanting to have a display that you can hook up your laptop to and present slides.

Or maybe it’s a bit more involved where video conferencing, presentations, cable TV, Blu-ray players, and overall lighting and shading control are desired.

With that level of complexity, it’s time to think integration.

Home Audio-Video Integration Solutions | 6M AV Designers

Home Audio-Video Integration Solutions

which Facilitates Convenience, ease of use & Aesthetics.

The Display is in the Form of a Large wall Mounted Plasma TV connected to a VCR and DVD player, and Sound System.

Motorised roller Blinds are installed for Sun Control. A Lighting Control System is Programmed with Presets to create Scenes & Ambiences such as Party, Family Gathering, Dinner and Home Theatre.

Different Music, Fm, Video, Alarm in every room, CCTV Facility for Home Security.

All Equipment like AC, Fan, Light, FM, Music, TV, DVD, Curtain, CCTV Camera control by one Remote Control or wireless Touch Panel Screen.

Acoustics Audio-Video Integration Solutions | 6M AV Designers

Acoustics Audio-Video Integration Solutions

Acoustic Control’s team of consultants provide Acoustic Consulting, Audio Design, Stage & Entertainment lighting Design and Video system.

Design catering to Auditoriums, Board Rooms, Churches, Class rooms, Stadiums, Theatres, Video Conferencing and Telepresence Facilities.

We also provide Audio and Acoustic Test and Measurement services.

Acoustics Audio-Video Integration Solutions | 6M AV Designers